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Department of Ophthalmology

- Comprehensive Ophtalmology Service
- Cornea Service
- Refractive Surgery Service
- Glaucoma Service
- Retina Service
- Pediatric Ophthalmology
- Oculoplastic Service

Department of Otolaryngology

- Otology Service
- Rhinology Service
- Pediatric ENT Service
- Head & Neck Service
- Allergy Service
- Sleep Disorder Service

Plastic Department

- Plastic Service
- Otology Service
- Cosmetic & Aesthetic Service

Supporting Department

- Department of Anesthesiology
- Department of Clinical Pathology
- Department of Radiology


The Otology Service is specialized in the problems of hearing and in speech disorders. All the facilities are available in the Audiology clinic including Audiometry, Tympanometry, and Brain Evoked Response Audiometry, Video-Nystagmography and a full hearing aids laboratory. The Otology Service offers surgery for all types of middle ear reconstructive surgery with prosthesis and other devices, including Cochlear Implant surgery for the profoundly deaf patients.


The Rhinology Service deals with management of a wide spectrum of upper airway diseases including nasal, sinus and base of skull pathologies.


The Pediatric ENT Service manages children affected with ear, nose and throat problems. Surgical procedures on tonsils, adenoids and middle ear are performed. Pediatric sinus surgery, otologic and maxilo-facial reconstructive techniques are available. Its surgical repertoire encompasses simple surgeries to more complex procedures like pediatric sinus surgeries, otology and maxilla-facial procedures.


The Head & Neck Service specializes in problems of the larynx and voice disorders using micro laryngeal surgery and laser. Head and Neck tumors are managed in a comprehensive medical or surgical modality using the most sophisticated techniques.


The Allergy & Immunology service manages patients with immunological and allergic respiratory disorders. Its laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies for specific Ig testing, in both blood (RAST) and skin (skin pitch testing) in addition to immunotherapy administration for candidate patients offers an entire variety of blood and skin tests to detect the etiology of respiratory and alimentary allergy and consequent treatment including immunotherapy or desensitization to reduce the allergic reaction and improve the symptomatology of the patient.


The Sleep Medicine Service offers overnight polysomnographie studies to detect the nature of sleep disorders like cessation of breathing, snoring, sleeping disturbances and respiratory difficulties. Highly powered instrumentation includes Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT), Polysomnography (PSG), and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Polysomnographie studies to detect the nature of sleep disorders like snoring, sleep apnea, hypopnea pathologies and other neurologic disorders like claplexy using MSLT are available. A split-night polysomnography can be done with CPAP therapy for candidate patients.

Otolaryngology Department